Ambay Beach Botolan – A place for the relaxation of body, peace of mind and rejuvenation of spirit!

Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

Possibly the first vegetarian resort in the Philippines, Ambay Beach resort offers a haven to veggie lovers. It is located along the peaceful beach of Botolan, Zambales, a 3 1/2 hour drive from the city of Manila. Although I have never been to this part of Zambales, it was a quick drive and easy to find. We arrived in the resort mid-morning where the high sun greeted us and the cool water beckoned us for a dip! The owners are also Manila-based and they arrived a few minutes after we did, but they welcomed us with big smiles as they brought in the supplies for the weekend.

The resort itself is simple and quiet. There is an open and a covered dining area, a multipurpose hall, a magical kitchen, a small garden with hammocks, both fan-powered and air-conditioned rooms and most importantly, a wide beachfront. I decided to chill out by the covered dining area with my ukulele since it had a refreshing view of the sea. While waiting for lunch, I had the opportunity to talk with Leah, one of the owners of the resort who gave us a quick history of how they, as a group of friends decided to lease the place and make it their second home while at the same time open it to those who want a healthier alternative to the busy toxic life in the metro — a refuge.

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What Happened to Veggie Wahine

My Breakfast: An open-faced grilled tempeh-pesto sandwich!

Hi everyone! This website is currently on hold. Don’t worry, I am not taking it down. I am keeping it. There has just been a minor setback in my life right now and I am in the process of restructuring my life and completing everything incomplete. If you are curious of what I’m up to right now, you can read my main blog.

Long story short, I was injured, I am currently recovering and I am almost healed! I am concentrating on my recovery from the wounds and recovering from the awful diet I have been on (tons of processed foods and refined carbs and fatty meat). I still enjoy vegan meals once or twice a day, and I am slowly transitioning back to vegan sources of protein.

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Whole Wheat Asado Siopao (Vegan)

Veggie Wahine: Whole Wheat Vegan Asado Siopao

Whole Wheat Vegan Asado Siopao

I’ve missed siopao. Our family’s rainy day comfort food is siopao (Chinese pork-filled buns) and hot mami (Chinese noodle soup). So the only way I could eat siopao again was to make my own. Such a simple solution and such an empowering one!

The amazing part of switching to plant-based eating <strong>isn’t</strong> finding the will to overcome “meat” cravings. It’s finding ways to get what I want in the way it works for me. I didn’t simply give up and say “I can’t eat siopao anymore, boo-hoo.” My natural action was to make my own –And never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be creating my own siopao recipe. This is what I love with being vegetarian. I do not see it as a restriction, but an expansion.

Make your own, delicious and healthy Vegan Whole Wheat Asado Siopao!

Vegan Tofu-Shiitake Asado

Veggie Wahine: Vegan Tofu Shiitake Asado

Vegan Tofu Shiitake Asado as Siopao Filling

Filipinos love asado. Although I believe it’s a Chinese way of cooking, I see it as very Filipino. It’s probably the only Chinese dish we frequently cook at home — well, that and Chop Suey. I made this recipe so that I could veganize pork-meat-filled buns more commonly known as Siopao. But I realize it deserves a post of it’s own because it is a great stand-alone dish. It’s delicious on rice, as a sandwich or bun filling.

Enjoy this Vegan Asado Recipe!

Time to Reboot!

Veggie Wahine: Time to Reboot!

Time to Reboot!

Today, I had an eye-opening gym session. I’ve been enrolled in the gym for several months now and it’s only today that I actually got my fitness test done! I had my body fat percentage checked as well as my strength, endurance and flexibility. Because of the results, I’ve been inspired to create a fitness plan for the next few months! For reference, I will be posting the numbers here so that I have something to compare to after my two month plan. :)

I wasn’t so surprised about my current condition — I’ve been dining out, pigging out and drinking for the past 2 weeks with very minimal exercise (just a 2 surf session and an hour long of mountain biking). With my goals though, I’m not as concerned with my weight as much as I used to. A stronger motivation for me, really, is surfing. To be better at it, I need to lose weight, improve my paddling and strengthen my core and balance.

Juicing, Blending and Eating just Fruits & Vegetables for 15 days!

My 30th Birthday Celebration

Veggie Wahine: 30th Birthday

Friends who celebrated with me

This year’s birthday bash was pretty major to me because it marked 3 events: my 30th birthday, my 6th month of being vegetarian and VEGAN PIZZA DAYYYY!!! Coincidentally, when I celebrated my birthday on June 30th, after rolling out the pizza dough and cooking the different sauces, I found out that it was this year’s Vegan Pizza day as well (which apparently is the last Saturday of every June).

Veggie Wahine: 30th Birthday

Grilling the first batch of pizzas!

The theme for my party was BBQin’ so here’s the menu:

The Lighter Side of Raw Workshop by Dahon Kusina

Veggie Wahine: The Lighter Side of Raw: Recipe Demonstration

The Lighter Side of Raw: Recipe Demonstration by Asha Peri

I never toyed with the idea of being a raw foodist until I attended The Lighter Side of Raw workshop led by Asha Peri. Before, I thought that the Raw Food movement was “not for me” because I prefer cooked food. I also thought that it was “difficult” to prepare raw food that’s good. I didn’t think I’d be happy being a raw vegan foodie. By end of the 2nd day of the workshop, I couldn’t wait to incorporate as much raw food into my diet as possible!
My mindset completely changed and I am now finding myself drinking a soymilk-less, fruit-less green smoothie for breakfast every day where I get SO MUCH energy from, mind you. In fact, the only “traditional meal” I have been taking since Monday is lunch. During dinner time, I find myself being satisfied with a glass of sweet green juice or a small portion of rice (1/4 cup) and vegetables (1/2 cup). Even if I haven’t eaten for 6-8 hours I don’t feel those strong hunger pains that make me want to snap at everyone because I feel so deprived. It’s pretty amazing so far — I am just so stoked after the weekend of great food and great company!

My body loves raw food and all the energy, nutrients and enzymes it gives. Right now I can totally see myself on a high raw diet.

The Lighter Side of Raw Workshop

Our Raw Food Lunch! Day 2

Read more about my weekend of The Lighter Side of Raw

The Good Burger Experience!

Veggie Wahine: Good Burgers Takeout Service

Good Burgers Takeout Service Window

I love burgers. I used to love fast food burgers (and I probably still do) like Five Guys and In-and-out or even Wendy’s, Jack in the Box and McDonald’s burgers in America (yes, there is a HUGE difference between the fast food burgers here and there). I would go for a burger anytime as it is definitely one of my comfort foods. I will also always have a burger with a side of fries. No burger meal is complete without fries or hashbrowns. There is this hardwired rule in my brain that says that that is the only way to eat burgers — a rule which has become irrelevant since I became vegetarian.

Until of course, I got to taste the veggie burger from Good Burgers. Mmmmm…

Creamy Watercress Soup

Veggie Wahine: Creamy Watercress Soup

Creamy Watercress Soup

It was my first time to see watercress (it was actually my first time to visit a weekend/farmer’s market) and I had to try out the watercress which I’ve been seeing in so many recipes. The first thing I tried to do with it was to make soup and this is what I came up with! :) This soup was delicious and I had a huge bowl of it for supper leaving me satisfied for the rest of the evening. I had a cup as well for lunch the next day as well with a small side of salad and a thick slice of toasted whole wheat bread — and I enjoyed every bit of my meal!

Although watercress can be a bit bitter when raw it didn’t show up in the soup. This makes watercress one of my favorite leafy vegetables considering it has amazing health benefits such as phytochemicals, anti-cancer, vitamin K and supports weight loss (yep, a cup practically has 4 calories only!).

Add this Creamy Watercress Soup recipe in your meal plan! :D

Chocolate Banana (Green) Smoothie

Veggie Wahine: Choco-Banana (Green) Smoothie

Choco-Banana (Green) Smoothie

Sometimes when I wake up, I’m just in the mood for chocolate and decadent instead of the usual breakfast food. This is the first thing that naturally comes to mind since I usually have a green smoothie for breakfast!

This smoothie is rich and creamy and you barely notice the green leaves you put it there!!! It’s a must try, although probably not everyday since bananas a full of sugar! Heehee Although I would say that this is a good pre-workout meal!

The Healthy Chocolate Banana (Green) Smoothie Recipe!